Many of our client cherish their independence.  But their families worry about what might happen if they have an emergency while no one is around.  That worry is diminished with Homewatch CareGiver’s Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) by Healthcom.  With our CareLink products help is only the push of a button away.  Independence with peace of mind.  See below for a list of our products, or call Homewatch CareGivers of Charlotte to discuss which product/service is best for your family.

CareLink® 7100 model — $35.00/month (no activation fee)  

  • The CareLink® 7100 model offers crystal clear 2-way voice communication with our Support Center.
  • Remote Call Answering allows the user to answer incoming calls through their CareLink® unit – without using the telephone!
  • Backup Battery allows the unit to continue to operate normally even if the power goes out. It then recharges on its own when the power comes back on!
  • Integration into our Family Access Anywhere® website allows caregivers to stay informed.
  • Activity Timer can be set to contact the Support Center if no one has pressed the “home” button within a preset period of time.
  • Enhanced Audio Communications allows the Support Center to switch between duplex and one-way talk/listening modes which can increase our ability to communicate with the client if they are far away from the CareLink® unit.
  • Integrates with other important in-home monitoring services like Ambient Temperature, CO (Carbon Monoxide) detection, liquid detection and smoke detectors.
  • The CareLink® can also provide “proactive” medication assistance with our medication management services.

CareLink® 8100 model — $40.00/month (no activation fee)

Includes medication reminders


This unit provides the same features and benefits of the 7100 series, but also includes:

  • Up to 8 individual reminder messages (20 seconds each).
  • Voice Prompts aid in the setup and installation and programming of reminder messages.
  • Remote Check In:  Allows family members to talk through the base unit remotely without any client action required.  They simply call the base unit twice from any telephone and key in a four-digit password.
  • Expanded Voice prompts will auto-detect phone line problems and low battery conditions and will report them both locally and when possible to the Support Center.

CareLink® MobileHelp — $49.00/month ($99.00 one-time activation fee)

CareLink® MobileHelp is America’s first and only medical alert system to work nationwide – allowing you to summon emergency help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever you are, by simply pressing your own Personal Help Button.   With CareLink® MobileHelp, you can enjoy life to the fullest in your home and have the freedom to continue participating in the activities that you enjoy outside your home, knowing that you are always connected to a live monitoring center regardless of your location*.

CareLink® MobileHelp Features:

  • Mobile Device featuring simple one-button operation
  • Nationwide coverage on the AT&T network (service included)
  • Amplified two-way voice communication with live operator
  • Location detection by GPS satellite
  • Monitored 24/7/365 Emergency Response Center
  • CareLink® MobileHelp package also comes with an in-home base station and waterproof pendant help button, giving you the same coverage as traditional medical alert systems.  CareLink also offers a model that works with just a pendant and requires no base.  Call for more information.